Student/Parent Youth Form

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Please, also fill out Diocesan Medical Form and Code of Conduct.  These forms must be updated on youth and adults each year for liability and safety purposes.

PARENTS/ADULT MENTORS: in order to have a successful Youth Ministry Program, you are needed.  There are many ways that you can help support our Youth Ministry Program…


Our Youth Ministry Program is more than the Youth Minister- it takes all kinds of adults.  Some youth will make connections with one adult, and not another.  We have to work together to provide positive adult examples for these teenagers.


If you think your child does not want you to be present (or if they have said so), that does not mean you cannot volunteer.  If we do not get the volunteers that are needed to help make our program successful, there is a possibility of cancelled events or outings.  We have so many gifted adults in our parish.  By volunteering you are giving a gift that is priceless.  Ask any adult who has volunteered, the rewards are bountiful.  Sharing the gift of yourself and sharing life with our teenagers will make a lasting impression on them into adulthood.


Volunteering can be on a regular basis, or whenever you’re available.  Just communicate what you are willing to do.  Please, prayerfully consider helping out in any way that you can!

If more than one parent/adult mentors, please put info for each person.